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Why Areas with Good Jobs Have Hard-to-Afford Homes

| By Josh Boak | Wednesday Dec 10, 2014
The dream of home ownership for many is proving frustrating, being deferred or abandoned, even for people with comfortable incomes.

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Falling Apart: America's Neglected Infrastructure

| Nov 27
Steve Kroft reports on why our roads, bridges, airports and rail are outdated and need to be fixed.

US 30-Year Mortgage Rates Drop to 3.99 Percent

| By Josh Boak | Nov 21
Average U.S. long-term mortgage rates continued to tick down this week, remaining close to yearlong lows.

Court to Consider When Second Mortgage can be Void

| Nov 18
The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide whether homeowners who declare bankruptcy can void a second mortgage if the home's market value has dropped below the amount they owe on the first mortgage.

Subprime Services Company Abandons Disputed Fees

| By Jeff Horwitz | Nov 13
A company with ties to the nation's largest overseer of subprime mortgages announced under pressure Wednesday it will stop collecting controversial insurance fees from homeowners whose properties were under foreclosure.

Judge Approves Bankruptcy Exit Plan for Detroit

| By Ed White | Nov 8
A judge on approved Detroit's plan to get out of bankruptcy, ending the largest public filing in U.S. history and launching the city into a turnaround that will require discipline after years of corruption, budget-busting debt and an exodus of residents.

Molten Lava Flow Closes in on Hawaiian Homes

| Oct 31
The lava flow is less than 100 yards from a home in Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the government is promising to help the dozens of people who will need to evacuate in the coming days. Mileka Lincoln of Hawaii affiliate KGMB reports.

What's Old Is New Again: Charlie Allen Renovations

| By Jill Gleeson | Oct 31
Have you purchased an old-timer house dating back more than a century? While it may have plenty of charm, it's also likely in need of a thoughtful renovation to maximize its use for the 21st century. Fortunately, we've got just the solution.

Spooktacular! 3 Murderous Mansions for Sale

| By EDGE | Oct 28
Tales of grisly murders surround the old place and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the facade of the creepy old manse stares back at you. It's a small price to pay for three of the most luxurious properties in the world.

What Problems Could New Mortgage Regulations Bring?

| Oct 27
A series of proposed regulations are supposed to make it easier to qualify for a mortgage. But could that create a new set of old problems? CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger reports.

Rules on Bank Risk in Mortgage Bonds Being Adopted

| Oct 24
Federal regulators are proceeding with new rules that ease guidelines for banks selling mortgage securities and auto loans. This could mean fewer borrowers will need to make hefty down payments.

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