South African Park Remains Open After Lioness Kills Tourist

TRAVEL | By Lynsey Chutel, Courtney Quirin | Jun 2
The South African wildlife park where a lion killed an American woman has remained open and is "operating as usual," a park official said Tuesday.

Hundreds Still Missing From Capsized Cruise Ship

NEWS | By Christopher Bodeen | Jun 2
Divers on Tuesday pulled three people alive from inside an overturned cruise ship and searched for other survivors, state media said, giving some small hope to an apparently massive tragedy with well over 400 people still missing on the Yangtze River.

CFDA Awards Honor Pharrell Williams and Betsey Johnson

STYLE | Jun 2
The annual Council of Fashion Designers of America honored Pharrell Williams, Betsey Johnson, and more, but it was Kanye West who seized the opportunity to take center stage.

NBC Approaching 4 Months Without Williams Decision

NEWS | By David Bauder | Jun 2
As the four-month anniversary of Brian Williams' suspension for misrepresenting his experiences as a journalist nears, NBC News has remained mum on whether he will return as the network's top anchor, be cut loose or take on some other role.

FBI Behind Mysterious Surveillance Aircraft Over US Cities

NEWS | By Jack Gillum, Eileen Sullivan and Eric Tucker | Jun 2
The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology - all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government.

With Law Expired, Senate Mulls Changes to Phone Collection

NEWS | By Ken Dilanian | Jun 2
The Senate now will decide the fate of a House bill backed by the president that would end the National Security Agency's collection of American calling records while preserving other surveillance authorities.

Some GOP Donors Willing to Give to Many, Just Not Paul

NEWS | By Julie Bykowicz | Jun 2
Some of the biggest donors and fundraisers in the Republican Party, still uncertain who should get their support in 2016, are sprinkling their money around a presidential field that grows by the day.

Transgender Movement Looks to Benefit From Jenner's Change

NEWS | By John Rogers | Jun 2
How Caitlyn Jenner's public gender transition will impact the national transgender movement.

Caitlyn Jenner to Receive Courage Award at ESPYs

NEWS | Jun 2
Caitlyn Jenner will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards for her bravery for publicly coming out as a transgender woman.

Argentine Judge Who Reduced Child Abuser Sentence Resigns

NEWS | Jun 2
A judge in Argentina has resigned amid sharp criticism for reducing the sentence of a convicted child abuser because the 6-year-old victim supposedly showed signs of being gay.


Jerry Seinfeld: What it Takes to be a Comedian

Web extra: Jerry Seinfeld, host of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," describes what comics have in common with one another and what sets them apart from other people. Anthony Mason reports.


Either Way, No More NSA Collection of US Phone Records

LEGAL | Jun 2
However Congress resolves its impasse over government surveillance, this much is clear: The National Security Agency will ultimately be out of the business of collecting and storing Americans' calling records.


Nielsen: Super Bowl, 'Walking Dead' Among Most-Tweeted Shows

PERSONAL TECH | By Frazier Moore | Jun 1
Tweet this: Millions of viewers were firing off those 140-character texts while they watched TV in the season just past. And there were plenty of people reading them.


Mid-Century Modern in North Carolina

Fans of modernist architecture estimate that North Carolina, particularly the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, has the third-largest collection of modernist homes in the country after Los Angeles and New York's Long Island.


Uber, Lyft Push Back Against Proposed NYC Regulations

AUTO NEWS | By Karen Matthews | Jun 1
Representatives of Uber and Lyft warned Thursday that a New York City effort to regulate app-based ride-hailing services will stall innovation and threaten competition.


A Chicken with 8 Legs? KFC Sues Online Companies for Slander

Restaurant operator KFC said Monday it filed a lawsuit against three companies in China whose social media accounts spread false claims about its food, including that its chickens have eight legs.


Getting Better

HEALTH | By Jacob Glass | May 31
Bullying can't be addressed without focusing on the real problem: The idea that our happiness is based on externals and in accomplishments meant to give us a sense of worthiness.


Village People Return to Chicago for a Pride Fest Concert

MUSIC | By EDGE | Jun 1
Beginning their 38th year as the "kings of disco," the Village People return to Chicago for a special Pride Fest Concert and 80s Dance Party Saturday.