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"As long as it’s growing as a career, as long as I can continue growing, I’ll keep going," was once the statement made by Russ King of his nationally treasured creation Miss Richfield 1981. You notice that King used "as long" and not "if," because at this juncture of his career, it appears as if Miss Richfield shows no signs of slowing down.

No longer just an North American treasure performing before packed houses across the country including very successful annual runs in Provincetown, Miss Richfield 1981 has been a drag ambassador of sorts to the many Mexican ports, courtesy of Atlantis Cruise Lines, among other offshore locations.

Always one to show us her Midwestern charm in an oh-so campy way, Miss Richfield 1981 is never too shy to simply speak about the things we think about (but rarely express) through speech, or giving the candid advice we so much don’t want to admit we need. She’s sassy, but always with a smile! With her current show "2012: We’ll All Be Dead by Christmas" comes to San Francisco on October 27, 2012 as a fundraiser for the very liberal parish of the St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church to support their many ministries including LGBT-related causes, Miss Richfield 1981 reminds us of the prophecy of our supposed doomsday before the end of the year, but yet again, she does it with a smile.


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