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His Struggle

By Mickey Weems | Sep 3

I made sure that God knew my father’s name.

Mickey Weems is currently finishing his PhD dissertation on the circuit at Ohio State. He and his husband are coordinators for Qualia, a conference/festival dedicated to gay folklife. He may be reached at mickeyweems@yahoo.com.

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Peaches Does Herself: A Review

By Mickey Weems | Jun 11
This performance has it all! Cloth-covered humanoids crawling out of vaginas, more dry-humping than a Mad Clams party, dancers with reflective balls, a leatherette on a bicycle... the list goes on.

Mika Newton: Blessings of the Hard Life

By Mickey Weems | Apr 24
The road to stardom leads to Los Angeles, which is why singer Mika Newton commutes back and forth from the Ukraine.

WMC 2013, Day 5: Ubuntu and the Chosen Few

By Mickey Weems | Apr 4
It was my last day covering the Winter Music Conference, so I decided to go to Johannesburg and Chicago.

WMC 2013, Day 4: Mikki Afflick, Patrick Bo and Lisa Shaw

By Mickey Weems | Mar 30
Shore Club, Jazid, Chalk: three different venues with three very different looks. The unifying factor is that all of them had fine music.

WMC 2013, Day 4: Nile Rodgers

By Mickey Weems | Mar 28
Nile Rodgers was featured in one of the closing panels for the Winter Music Conference. And what a panel it was.

WMC 2013, Day 4: Are You Afro? and Soulistic

By Mickey Weems | Mar 25
I will wear my Are You Afro? shirt wherever and whenever I please. Anyone, regardless of race, who finds it inappropriate will not elicit shame or resentment from me, only pity because their discomfort with me is a sure symptom of the zombie virus.

WMC 2013, Day 3: IDMA and Joi Cardwell FTW

By Mickey Weems | Mar 24
Like WMC 2013, IDMA 2013 is a milestone year for the Gay community. One of the winners is an LGBT icon.

WMC 2013, Day 2: Bragging Points

By Mickey Weems | Mar 23
WMC has its moments.

WMC, Day 2: Gay Music Community Comes Out

By Mickey Weems | Mar 22
"Living for This: LGBT Artists in EDM" made history as the first Gay-themed panel in the history of the Winter Music Conference (WMC) .

WMC 2013, Day 1: Gimm+Icky, Kerli, Parralox, and HTC Overdose

By Mickey Weems | Mar 20
Watch out for unknown DJs with milk jugs full of liquor.

Living for This! WMC 2013 Recognizes the LGBT Community

By Mickey Weems | Mar 9
The Winter Music Conference (WMC) is THE annual gathering of musicians, DJs, producers and music labels involved in electronic dance music. They’ve always supported Gay people. But for the first time, WMC 2013 is openly recognizing the LGBT community.

WMC 2013: Advice from the Beachmonkey

By Mickey Weems | Feb 27
WMC is more than just an insanely good time with corresponding loss of revenue. It is the chance to make connections that could pay off down the road.

Cussing Your Parents

By Mickey Weems | Jul 31
It is infinitely preferable for young people to respond to family members with obscenities than with a suicide note and follow-through.