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How Ocearch Hopes to Turn Fear of Sharks into Fascination

Jun 23
Fear usually wins when shark attacks dominate the news, but the Ocearch team wants to change our perception of sharks. Founder Chris Fischer and co-captain Brett McBride join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the science of sharks.

Spider-Man Will Never Be Gay or Black, Says Sony & Marvel in Leaked Documents

By EDGE | Jun 22
According to a leaked licensing agreement between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment, Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man will never be gay or black.

PopUps: 'Gotta Bang 'Em All': Pokemon Porn Parody Ruins Childhood

By EDGE | Jun 21
Yes. There is now a porn parody of "Pokemon." It's called "Strokemon."

Broadway & Brooklyn Beckon

By Jim Provenzano | Jun 21
Here is a plan for a fabulous summer escape east, where we share the joys of Brooklyn's cultural and natural splendor, with a hot weekend dose of Manhattan and Brooklyn clubs, and Broadway hits with a queer edge.

Small Time Porn Part Two: Meeting the Models

By Ric Reily with Jonathan R. Nicholes | Jun 21
Part One in the series revealed surprising statistics and challenged preconceptions. Now it's time to go into the "Model House" and meet the young men within.

Living It Up Outside the Box

By Joel Martens | Jun 21
Summertime is all about getting outside! Here re some tips for maximizing your yard's enjoyment potential.

Activists Recall 1990 AIDS Confab

By Liz Highleyman | Jun 20
An unprecedented week of protests in 1990 will be remembered this weekend at an ACT UP 25th reunion celebration featuring art and performances, a "living history" panel, a party, and a memorial for deceased activists.

Small Time Porn Part One: The Secret Life of a Big Business

By Ric Reily with Jonathan R. Nichels | Jun 20
For all its preconceived faults the industry has survived in its various forms throughout history and, with the advent of technology and particularly the Internet, has flourished.

California Reveals Details of Self-Driving Car Accidents

By Justin Pritchard | Jun 19
California state officials released reports detailing six accidents that involved self-driving car prototypes, reversing a policy that shielded details of how the next-generation technology is performing during testing on public roads.

Microsoft Touts HoloLens, Backward Compatibility of Xbox One

By Ryan Nakashima | Jun 18
Microsoft has promised that hundreds of games designed for its older Xbox 360 will work on its newer Xbox One console, starting with a handful of titles this year.

21 thru 30 of 1675 Stories