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Ain't Life Grande for Frankie

By Brian Scott Lipton | Oct 30
"Big Brother" Season Seven gay bad boy Frankie Grande talks about his bromance with Zach, eviction from the BB house and return to Broadway in "Rock of Ages."


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Welcome to America

By Diane Bushemi | Oct 28
In this new offering by Prologue Theatre Company, a woman on one stage in one room awaits her execution; but this play has many clich├ęs despite being based on a harrowing true tale.

Something Wicked: Shakespeare's Macbeth Re-envisioned

By Christine Malcom | Oct 27
Transcendent Ensemble Theater Company celebrates Halloween with a Shakespearian horror fest.

Beyond the Aria

By Colleen Cottet | Oct 24
The Harris Theater's new performance series entitled 'Beyond the Aria,' profiles well-established performers of the opera world to rising talent from the Ryan Opera Center.


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