Summer 2013

Our preview of sizzling LGBT destinations.

Miami: Food Glitters in the South Florida Sun

By | Friday Sep 20, 2013
Miami. City of natural beauty, man-made splendor and a melting pot of humanity. Welcome to what may be the next burgeoning food capital in America.

A Foggy Day in London Town

By | Wednesday Sep 11, 2013
EDGE Travel Editor Matthew Wexler disembarks the Queen Mary 2 and arrives in London for a whirlwind tour of the city’s best shopping before hopping on Eurostar en route to Paris

Hail Mary: Crossing the Atlantic Aboard the Queen Mary 2

By | Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
EDGE’s National Travel Editor, Matthew Wexler crosses the ocean blue aboard the Queen Mary 2 - a transatlantic journey proving that some sequels are superior.

Diamond Resorts International Knows ’The Meaning of Yes’

By | Monday Sep 9, 2013
Diamond Resorts International, a world-renowned hospitality and vacation-ownership company, offers stellar properties and breathtaking views at some of the world’s most coveted destinations.

New Tours Combine Beer and Biking

By Scott Mayerowitz | Thursday Sep 5, 2013
Beer-lovers are finding a new way to explore the burgeoning craft-brewing world: on bicycles.

Going Gay in Miami: Destination Honeymoon

By | Tuesday Sep 3, 2013
Miami is for lovers! Whether you are rekindling the flame or tying the knot, from sun-filled days to non-stop parties to romantic sunsets, the Sunshine State delivers on all your vacation dreams.

Looking for High Adventure

By | Thursday Aug 29, 2013
Looking for high adventure and dramatic views? Richard Frisbie traveled to three continents to find enough death-defying stunts to satisfy the most jaded thrill-seekers.

Rediscovering Miami: Beaches, Bliss and Beyond

By | Sunday Aug 18, 2013
Miami’s latest makeover reveals the city as even more sexy, lush and bursting with activities than ever before. Whether you hit the beach or revel in the exploding art scene, you’ll be sure to discover something new in one of our most enticing gay cities.

Sweet Seattle Celebrates Gay Marriage

By | Thursday Aug 15, 2013
(Gay) wedding bells are ringing in Seattle, as Washington State joined the ranks of legalized gay marriage in the U.S. this fall. A visit to this coastal city reveals why it’s such a charmer for visitors and locals alike.

Alternative Pride Guide: Dallas, Atlanta and Palm Springs

By | Wednesday Aug 14, 2013
Just because June is past doesn’t mean that Pride season has come to an end. Dallas, Atlanta and Palm Springs each have their own celebrations planned for summer and fall - so break out your rainbow flag and start marching.

Manchester Proud

By | Monday Aug 12, 2013
This year’s Manchester Pride will be particularly celebratory, as the festivities - more than two decades strong - celebrate the passage of the England and Wales Marriage Bill. But there’s more to Manchester than just Pride...

Discover Gay Florida :: Fort Lauderdale

By Mike Halterman | Monday Aug 5, 2013
Fort Lauderdale was a spring break paradise for decades. By the 1980s, the spring breakers got too rowdy. The city chose to invest in the fine arts, high-end shopping, and luxurious lodging and entertainment in order to attract another kind of tourist.

Toronto: Fashion, Food and Fun in the Gay White North

By | Sunday Jul 28, 2013
The cool, clean city of Toronto offers more than streets so clean you can eat off them. Head north for the fashion-forward trends, galleries, museums, top-notch dining and a host of other forms of creative expression.

Ranging Far and Wide Down Under

By Klinton Porter | Thursday Jul 25, 2013
Australia’s LGBT community is thriving, and its major cities are so distinct and unique from one to the next, it’s hard too just visit one of them.

Discovering the Finger Lakes, One Winery at a Time

By | Friday Jul 19, 2013
Italy may have a boot, but New York State has the Finger Lakes. The winemaking region has more than 100 wineries and a lot to offer those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For Women: Hot Fun in the Summer Sun!

By | Tuesday Jul 16, 2013
Summer getaways don’t have to be a huge hassle! Whether you have the money to trek to Barcelona for the Girlie Circuit Festival, or only enough ducets for a bus ticket to Virginia for the Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering, fun in the sun is guaranteed.

Everything’s Big in Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth

By | Wednesday Jul 10, 2013
Dallas/Fort Worth tips its hat toward an ever-growing LGBT market that includes long timers as well as an influx of young professionals and tourists capitalizing on one of the most flourishing economies in the country.

10 Options for Seeing the Statue of Liberty

By Beth J. Harpaz | Thursday Jul 4, 2013
Here are 10 ways to get a great look at the Statue of Liberty, starting with the cruises that resume service to Liberty Island on July Fourth.

Get Packin’: Hostels Offer Affordable Travel

By | Thursday Jun 20, 2013
A big trip doesn’t have to mean big bucks. Staying in a hostel can be a great way to meet fellow travelers and also keep your travel budget in check. Hardie Karges has traveled to more than 146 countries in search of the best hostels in the world.

Las Vegas Sizzles This Summer!

By | Friday Jun 14, 2013
From pool parties and outdoor concerts to an 80,000-square-foot gay mecca known as Krave Massive, Las Vegas has outdone itself yet again with a summer line-up of entertainment, parties and music that beckons the ultimate gay vacation.

Easy Livin’ in the Big Easy: New Orleans Anew

By | Thursday Jun 13, 2013
One of the top ten most-visited cities in the US, New Orleans was recently ranked second in the nation for gay friendliness. As our guide, Miss Jeanie, told us upon our return to the Crescent City, "You love New Orleans - and she’ll love you right back."

Antwerp Readies for World Outgames

By | Tuesday Jun 11, 2013
Pack your singlet and your Pride outfit, Antwerp is preparing to host the World Outgames July 31-August 11, and it’s going to be an international LGBT celebration you won’t want to miss.

NYC Beyond the Parade: Alternative Pride Guide

By | Thursday Jun 6, 2013
EDGE is packed with Pride coverage as the LGBT community and its allies celebrate across the country and around the world. Take a step off the parade route with some city highlights to enhance your NYC celebration.

Summer Travel Forecast

By Jonathan Fahey, Scott Mayerowitz | Wednesday Jun 5, 2013
Planning your summer vacation. Here are tips, trends and forecasts for what’s ahead and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Making Montreal Magic

By Troy Petenbrink | Saturday Jun 1, 2013
When Luc Provost transforms into Mado Lamotte, one of Montreal’s most famous drag queens, it’s a magical moment. His over-the-top makeup and costumes make Mado edgy, unique, beautiful and welcoming - much like his native city.

The Importance of Being Inverted: Gay Days at Amusement Parks, Part 2

By | Thursday May 23, 2013
Part 2 in a series, EDGE writer Tony Phillips explores the ins, outs, ups and downs of the multi-billion dollar amusement park industry that is still trying to find its niche in the LGBT community.

The Importance of Being Inverted: Gay Days at Amusement Parks, Part 1

By | Wednesday May 22, 2013
From castle crashing to bible thumping, EDGE writer Tony Phillips explores the ins, outs, ups and downs of the multi-billion dollar amusement park industry that is still trying to find its niche in the LGBT community. Part 1 of a 2-part series.

8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Cruise

By Alex Veiga | Monday May 20, 2013
You can still sail the high seas in the lap of luxury, it may just take some extra planning and flexibility to stay within your budget. Here are eight tips to get you started on your next dream vacation.

Cincinnati: 5 Free Things to do in the Queen City

By Amanda Lee Myers | Friday May 17, 2013
Billions of dollars of new development are putting Cincinnati back on the map as a business and travel destination. There are some great ways to explore the city that are absolutely free.

Lesbians Take Over Sin City For Dinah Vegas

By | Monday May 13, 2013
They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when it comes to thousands of lesbians taking over the Flamingo Pool for Dinah Vegas, it might just be worth bragging about.

Digging Denver: A Quickie Cultural Tour

By | Friday May 10, 2013
Pack some oxygen and head to The Mile High City for a quick cultural tour that highlights great finds for those interested in art and shopping as well as some of the best bites west of the Mississippi.

Cancun’s Culinary Makeover

By | Thursday May 9, 2013
EDGE writer Alejandra Ramos heads to Cancun and trades cheap tequila and beer pong for Michelin star dining, luxurious spa treatments and an immersive tour of the Cancun-Riviera Maya Food and Wine Festival.

Falling for You: Niagara Falls Courts the LGBT Wedding Market

By | Thursday May 9, 2013
Since New York State enacted the Marriage Equality Act in 2011, Niagara Falls has seen an upswing in tourism for LGBT’ers looking for a special setting for their vows. Plan ahead, though, or things might get more than a little misty.

Norwegian Breakaway Cruises Into NYC

By | Tuesday May 7, 2013
Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest ship, Norwegian Breakaway, arrives in its New York city home port in preparation of a luxurious inaugural season on the high seas.

Gay Summer Fun :: Something for Everyone!

By Brad Hart | Tuesday May 7, 2013
The clouds are gone, the sun is high and the urge to escape has reached a fevered pitch (or maybe it’s just a case of sun-stroke). Here’s a list of summer fun that includes something for everyone!

The Many Flavors of Puerto Rico

By | Tuesday Apr 23, 2013
Discover San Juan’s colorful past, one fried bite at a time.

Your Insider’s Las Vegas Dining Guide

By | Monday Apr 22, 2013
Las Vegas prepares to fire up the grills for the seventh annual Vegas Uncork’d presented by Bon Appétit, featuring some of the world’s most renowned chefs, sommeliers, and culinary experts. Bring your appetite.

Helsinki by Design

By | Friday Apr 19, 2013
Reeling off its success as 2012’s World Design Capital, Helsinki offers visitors an array of shops, museums and collections that embody some of the most prolific design innovations of the modern era.

The Best of São Paulo in 72 Hours

By | Friday Mar 29, 2013
A whirlwind tour of this bustling Brazilian city reveals a feast for the eyes - from gorgeous men and women to world-class museums and shopping that will require an extra suitcase for the flight home.

Cancun: Sun and Fun at the Oasis Sens

By | Thursday Mar 21, 2013
EDGE’s nightlife editor JC Alvarez heads to Cancun and the Oasis Sens for a weekend of sun, gourmet dining, and club-hopping at some of the area’s hottest destinations.

Gay Days Returns for 2013

By Troy Petenbrink | Tuesday Mar 19, 2013
Orlando’s love of Gay Days has only grown stronger, as has the gay community’s love for Orlando.