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Video Reports Conflict in Probe of Putin Critic's Slaying

By Laura Mills | Mar 2
The investigation into the killing of Boris Nemtsov, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin who was gunned down not far from the Kremlin, faced conflicting reports Monday about possible surveillance footage of his slaying.

How Islamic is Islamic State Group? Not Very, Experts Say

By Lee Keath and Hamza Hendawi | Mar 2
How rooted in Islam is the ideology embraced by this group that has inspired so many to fight and die?

IPERGAY PrEP Study Reduces HIV Risk By 86 Percent in MSM

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 2
Last week at CROI, researchers showed that the IPERGAY trial, which evaluated a three-day PrEP regimen for MSM before and after sex, reduced HIV risk by an average of 86 percent.

Nemtsov a Possible 'Sacrificial Victim,' Investigators Say

By Lynn Berry | Mar 1
Maybe it was Islamic extremists who killed Boris Nemtsov. Or someone offended by his love life. Or agents of a Western power that will stop at nothing to disfigure President Vladimir Putin's image and drive him from power.

Thousands March In Russia To Mourn Putin Critic Nemtsov

By Laura Mills, Lynn Berry | Mar 1
Carrying flowers, portraits and signs that said "I am not afraid," thousands of Russians marched Sunday in Moscow to mourn opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, whose slaying on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition.

Prominent Russian Opposition Figure Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead

By Laura Mills, Vladimir Isachenkov | Feb 28
Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down Saturday near the Kremlin, just a day before a planned protest against the government.

Madonna Denounces Rise of Far Right in Europe

Feb 27
Madonna is lamenting a rise in anti-Semitism and far right politics in France and Europe, re-igniting the anger of France's increasingly popular National Front party.

Kazakhstan Senate Approves 'Gay Propaganda' Measure

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 27
Kazakhstan's senate approved of a draft bill similar to Russia's infamous and highly controversial "homosexuality propaganda" law that bans "non-traditional sexual orientation."

Aggressive Cuban HIV Strain Becomes AIDS in Three Years

By EDGE | Feb 27
A new study published in EBioMedicine reveals an aggressive new strain of HIV in Cuba, which can develop into AIDS within three years of infection.

South Korean Court Abolishes Law Criminalizing Adultery

By Kim Tong-Hyung | Feb 26
A South Korean court on Thursday abolished a 62-year-old law that criminalized extramarital affairs, and the stock price of a prominent condom maker immediately shot up 15 percent.

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