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U.S. State Department Statement on World AIDS Day 2015

Dec 1
The U.S. State Department issued a statement on World AIDS Day.

Harlem Hate Pastor Throws Support Behind Trump

Dec 1
Donald Trump's efforts attempt to change the image of his campaign as "the bigoted one" may have backfired Monday.

Colo. County Clerk Confirms Planned Parent Shooting Suspect is Not Trans

Dec 1
In the wake of comments made by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a county clerk in El Paso, Colo. confirmed Tuesday that the Planned Parenthood shooting suspect is not transgender.

Few Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued in North Dakota

Dec 1
A check of counties shows that there isn't a big rush to wedlock by same-sex couples in North Dakota.

'12 Days of Christmas' Items Top $34K, Up 0.6 Percent

By Joe Mandak | Dec 1
The cost of 10 lords a-leaping increased 3% over last year, but nine of the other 12 gifts listed in the carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" stayed the same price as last year, according to the 32nd annual PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index.

High Court's Election-Year Lineup Rich in High-Profile Cases

By Mark Sherman | Dec 1
The Supreme Court's lineup of new cases is fit for an election year.

Peace Corps Volunteers Claim Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Assaults

Nov 30
Pressure to change a culture of victim-blaming goes back years, but some survivors still claim they are blamed or punished.

Michael Lucas Issues Statement Regarding the 'Porn House of Horrors'

Nov 30
According to porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas, the "romantic" mansion he is accused of trashing came complete with its own sex dungeon. He is accusing the plaintiff in a lawsuit against him of being a "professional extortionist."

Attorney Compares Kansas Sperm Donor's Plight, Gay Marriage

Nov 30
A Kansas sperm donor's battle to avoid being declared the legal father of a same-sex couple's child has some similarities to the fight for gay marriage, the man's attorney argued in court filings.

'Gods of Egypt' Studio, Director Apologize for White Cast

By Lindsey Bahr | Nov 30
"Gods of Egypt" director Alex Proyas apologized for casting mostly white actors in his upcoming film based on Egyptian mythology.

1 thru 10 of 19262 Stories