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SC Republican Calls Gays 'Gremlins' in Facebook Rant

| By Jason St. Amand | Oct 21
A congressional Republican candidate from South Carolina is making headlines Tuesday after he called same-sex couples "gremlins" in a recent Facebook post.

Oakland Could Beat SF to Having Out Mayor

| By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 21
Oakland voters could make history in November by electing the Bay Area's first out mayor to serve a full term, should lesbian at-large City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan win the race as polling has suggested.

NY Gov. Cuomo Raises Profile -- but for What?

| By David Klepper | Oct 20
With a new book, an appearance on David Letterman, high-profile trips overseas and a bigger campaign account than any other governor, New York's Andrew Cuomo might look like someone running for president.

Kan. GOP Candidates Make Campaign Issue of Gay Marriage

| Oct 20
Republican Sen. Pat Roberts and Gov. Sam Brownback are raising gay marriage as an issue to help paint their challengers as too liberal for GOP-leaning Kansas in the final weeks of tough re-election races.

Rome Mayor Defiantly Registers 16 Gay Marriages

| By Nicole Winfield | Oct 18
The gay marriage debate arrived within walking distance of the Vatican on Saturday as Rome's mayor registered 16 gay marriages celebrated abroad in open defiance of Italy's government.

Arizona Joins Other States in Allowing Gay Unions

| By Jacques Billeaud | Oct 18
Gay marriage became legal in Arizona on Friday, and same-sex couples lined up to marry at the courthouse in downtown Phoenix.

Conservatives Gaining Force in Brazil Congress

| By Jenny Barchfield | Oct 18
Unease over a worsening economy and deteriorating public safety, plus a backlash against recent gay-rights gains, are propelling a conservative rise in Brazil.

Gay Marriage: North Carolina Official Resigns

| Oct 17
A North Carolina official resigned Thursday rather than perform gay marriages, an individual stand that comes as fewer and fewer states are holding on to oppose same-sex unions.

Sen. Cruz Criticizes Houston Over Sermon Subpeonas

| By Michael Graczyk | Oct 17
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz told congregants of his home church Thursday that the city of Houston abused power by subpoenaing sermons from pastors who publicly opposed a local ordinance banning discrimination against gay and transgender residents.

NC's Top GOP Lawmakers Plan Appeal on Gay Marriage

| Oct 17
North Carolina's Republican legislative leaders plan to appeal a ruling that struck down the state's gay marriage ban.

41 thru 50 of 1369 Stories