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Trump Announcement a Boon to Late-Night Comics

By David Bauder | Jun 18
He doesn't need the money, but if Donald Trump's presidential campaign falters, late-night comics would surely pass the hat to keep it going.

Actors Paid $50 to Attend Trump's Campaign Kick-Off

By EDGE | Jun 18
When you're as rich as Donald Trump, you can afford to pay people to pretend they like you.

Artists Gripe about GOP Candidates Using Their Songs

Jun 18
Neil Young is just the latest pop star to criticize a GOP politician for using one of his songs during a rally. CBSN's Meg Oliver takes a look and listen.

Jeb Bush 'Slow Jams' the News With Fallon

By David Bauder | Jun 17
Republican Jeb Bush "slow jammed" the news, told about meeting his wife, offered a guacamole recipe and oddly compared his presidential father and brother during a "Tonight" show appearance.

Dumb-Ass Lists: Our Favorite Trump for President Memes

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 17
While you'll be hard pressed to find a political consultant who will take Donald Trump's candidacy seriously, social media seems to be having some serious fun with the billionaire real estate mogul turned reality show personality.

Fact Check: Bush's Economic Growth Goal Unrealistic

By Josh Boak | Jun 17
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says there's "not a reason in the world" why the U.S. economy can't grow at 4 percent annually. Actually, there are a bunch of reasons it probably can't.

Trump Announces Bid for the White House

By EDGE | Jun 16
The GOP's 2016 presidential class just gained another high-profile name: Donald Trump.

The $9 Billion Man? Donald Trump Set to Announce 2016 Plans

By Steve Peoples | Jun 16
With a presidential field approaching 20 high-profile Republicans, the GOP's 2016 class offers voters a little bit of everything.

Clinton Confidant to Testify Before House Benghazi Panel

By Matthew Daly | Jun 16
A longtime confidant to former President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton faces questions from the Republican-led House panel investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Where They Stand: Bush on Key Topics of 2016 Campaign

By Thomas Beaumont | Jun 16
A look at where Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush stands on some of the issues likely to be debated in the campaign for his party's nomination.

41 thru 50 of 1788 Stories