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Arkansas, Indiana Lawmakers Race to Update Religion Bills

Apr 2
Lawmakers in Arkansas and Indiana are scrambling to revise controversial religious objection measures as Republican governors in both states try to quell a growing backlash from businesses and other critics who have called the proposals anti-gay.

GOP's Ted Cruz Calls Religious Liberty a Defining Issue

Apr 2
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says concern about religious freedom, awakened in the debate over a new Indiana law, could unite conservative Republicans and rally some Democrats to the GOP in 2016.

Al Franken Urges David Letterman to Run for US Senate

Apr 2
U.S. Sen. Al Franken has urged David Letterman to run for the U.S. Senate in the TV host's native state of Indiana.

GOP Senator Thinks Gays Should Be Grateful They're Not in Iran

By EDGE | Apr 2
Hey gays! Shut up about Indiana already. It could be worse: You could be killed in Iran!

UConn's Ollie Won't Travel to Final Four Because of New Law

By Pat Eaton-Robb | Apr 1
UConn men's basketball coach Kevin Ollie will not be traveling to the Final Four this week, abiding by a travel ban ordered by Connecticut's governor because of Indiana's new religious-objections law, the school announced Tuesday.

Wal-Mart Urges Arkansas Governor To Veto Religion Bill

Apr 1
Retail giant Wal-Mart says Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson should veto a religious-objection bill that critics say would open the door to widespread discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Indiana Debate Exposes Republican Divisions

Apr 1
The GOP's leading White House contenders have been drawn into a messy clash that highlights the party's strong opposition to same-sex marriage and threatens to inject social issues into the early stages of the presidential primaries.

Pizza At A Gay Wedding? Not In This Indiana Town

By EDGE | Apr 1
It didn't take long for one Indiana business to openly state that they will avail themselves of the state's newly adopted Religious Freedom Restoration Act to deny service to gays and lesbians.

New Arizona Governor Avoids Major Issues with Apparent Ease

By Bob Christie | Mar 31
Less than three months into his tenure, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has largely managed to avoid having to make the tough political decisions that could have alienated him with the two wings of the Republican Party he has courted.

Washington Gov. Joins Boycott: No State Funded Travel to Indiana

Mar 31
Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee says he is imposing an administration-wide ban on state-funded travel to Indiana after the passage of a new law that critics say has the potential to discriminate against gays and others based on religious beliefs

41 thru 50 of 1611 Stories