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Pope Keeps Leaders in Place for Next Family Synod

Nov 21
Pope Francis has appointed the organizers for a second big Catholic Church meeting on family issues keeping in positions of power the same clerics who drafted a revolutionary welcome to gays and divorced Catholics that was ultimately shot down by bishops.

Pope Reinforces Traditional Family Values

By Nicole Winfield | Nov 17
Pope Francis said Monday that children have the right to grow up with a mother and a father, emphasizing traditional family values as he opened an interreligious conference on the "complementarity" of men and women in marriage.

Demoted Cardinal to Deny Pro-LGBT Lawmakers Communion

By EDGE | Nov 17
A hard-line U.S. cardinal says he will deny Holy Communion to any Catholic lawmaker who voted for same-sex marriage.

Hallelujiah! He's Gay No More! (He Was Also Reportedly Arrested for Fraud, But Whatever)

By Kilian Melloy | Nov 16
A video of a man claiming to have been "delivered" from same-sex desires has lit up the Internet, displeasing the church and triggering waves of laughter from those who made the clip a viral hit.

After Girls' Jihad Quest, Focus on Outreach

By Sadie Gurman | Nov 16
As terror recruiting becomes easier in an increasingly connected world, there have been alarming cases of young Americans joining Islamic extremists across the county.

Review Round-Up: 'Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas'

By EDGE | Nov 14
The first shots of 2014's fictionalized "War on Christmas" are being fired in movie theaters around the country today. Read what the critics had to say.

US Catholic Bishops Try to Calm Anxiety Over Pope

By Rachel Zoll | Nov 11
America's Catholic bishops came together Monday to project an image of unity, after a Vatican meeting on the family unleashed an uproar over the direction of the church.

Kentucky Baptists Kick Out Gay-Friendly Church

Nov 11
Kentucky Baptists have voted to sever ties with a Louisville church that is open to performing same-sex marriages.

Retired Pastor Loses Credentials Over Gay Wedding

Nov 10
A retired Mennonite pastor from Pennsylvania who lost his credentials after officiating at his gay son's wedding says he hopes the church will someday be more accepting of gays and lesbians.

Hard-Line Us Cardinal Loses Another Vatican Job

Nov 8
American Cardinal Raymond Burke, a fervent opponent of abortion and gay marriage, has been removed by Pope Francis from another top Vatican post.

11 thru 20 of 645 Stories