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Mormons Keep Affiliation With Boy Scouts Despite Gay Leaders

By Brady McCombs | Aug 26
The Mormon church - the nation's largest sponsor of Boy Scout units - is keeping its longtime affiliation with the organization despite its decision to allow gay troop leaders.

Ahead of Pope's Visit to US, Some Friction Over LGBT Issues

By David Crary | Aug 25
Friction is mounting ahead of Pope Francis' first visit to the U.S. as LGBT Roman Catholics lobby for a broader role in an event based on families and organizers move to limit them.

Duke Freshmen Refuse to Read 'Fun Home' Over Religious Beliefs

By EDGE | Aug 25
Some Duke University freshmen are refusing to read a book on their summer reading list because it deals with homosexuality, citing their religious beliefs.

Foo Fighters Troll the Westboro Baptist Church

By EDGE | Aug 24
Rock band Foo Fighters made headlines this week after trolling the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church by "rickrolling" them.

Bryan Fischer :: When It Comes To Hating Gays, He Was 'Born That Way'

By EDGE | Aug 19
Don't expect Lady Gaga to write any songs about Bryan Fischer any time soon.

Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader Wants You To Buy His Book

By EDGE | Aug 18
Hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has gone into the book business and is asking followers to buy his new book "No Fear," which in part details the true stories about "persecuted" Christians who stood up to the big bad gays.

Pastor Says God Wants Gays Stoned

By EDGE | Aug 18
A Tennessee pastor went on record Sunday during a television broadcast as condoning the practice of stoning gay people for their alleged sin, Christian Today reports.

Hate Group Honey, Harvey Hawks Hellfire for Gay Pride Parades

By Bobby McGuire | Aug 17
Prison, Planned Parenthood and Pride Parades, oh my!

Jim Bakker Advises Followers to Buy Horses Because God Is Pissed Off About Gay Marriage

By EDGE | Aug 14
Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker, who has been out of the headlines since being shipped off to prison following the scandal that brought down his PTL ministries, is advising followers to buy horses in case God punishes America for accepting gay marriage

Priest Uses Absurd Bagel Analogy to Explain Why God Hates Gays

By EDGE | Aug 14
At a three-day conference on welcoming gay Catholics held in Michigan Wednesday, a priest used a bizarre analogy about a bagel and an ear canal to make his point that homosexuality is harmful.

11 thru 20 of 921 Stories