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Archbishop: 'Fifty Shades' is 'Direct Assault' on Marriage

Feb 11
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Cincinnati is criticizing the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie as "a direct assault on Christian marriage."

Mormon Facing Ouster Says He's Likely to be Excommunicated

By Brady McCombs | Feb 10
A Mormon man who runs a website for church members questioning their faith said Monday that he expects to be excommunicated based the tenor of a disciplinary hearing Sunday night, but he may not find out for days.

"Homeless Pilgrims" Get Groomed at the Vatican

By Nicole Winfield | Feb 9
Rome's homeless are about to get some TLC. The Vatican announced last week it had finished renovations on public restrooms just off St. Peter's Square that will include three showers and a free barber shop for the city's neediest.

Senate Panel Taking Up Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

Feb 9
An Indiana Senate committee is taking up broadly worded proposals backed by conservative lawmakers that would give state residents and businesses expansive religious freedom protections.

Teacher Directive Prompts Vigil at San Francisco Cathedral

By Lisa Leff | Feb 7
About 100 people attended a vigil outside the Roman Catholic cathedral in San Fran to protest the archbishop's move to require teachers to lead their lives accordance with church teachings on homosexuality and other hot-button issues.

National LGBTQ Task Force Conference Examines Religion, Faith

By Donna Bryson | Feb 6
Debates over gay marriage often seem to pit champions of change against Americans of faith, but it's possible to be both, say activists gathered in Denver for the annual meeting of the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Anti-Gay SF Archbishop Puts 'Morality Clauses' in Employee Handbook

By EDGE | Feb 5
San Francisco's anti-gay archbishop is at it again. This time with 2,000 words worth of morals clauses in a handbook for high school employees.

SC Diocese that Left Episcopal Church Controls Property

By Bruce Smith | Feb 4
A South Carolina court has ruled that the national Episcopal Church has no claim on the property of the breakaway Diocese of South Carolina or its parish churches.

Bill Allows Ministers to Refuse Gay Marriages

Feb 4
A bill that would allow Oklahoma ministers to be immune from civil liability for refusing to officiate a same-sex marriage has cleared a House committee.

Harlem Hate Pastor Claims Justin Bieber Cut Off His Breasts

By EDGE | Feb 3
Just when you thought he couldn't get crazier, Rev. James David Manning is now claiming that pop idol Justin Bieber is transgender.

11 thru 20 of 711 Stories