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Bourbon Boom: Kentucky Inventory Reaches 40-Year HIgh

By Bruce Schreiner | Jul 5
Kentucky's bourbon boom is showing no signs of peaking as distilleries keep up a production pace unmatched for decades.

Picnic Plunder: Leave the Peas Out of Your Guac

By J.M. Hirsch | Jul 4
Thank goodness for Twitter-powered outrage. How else would we know just how horribly offensive the combination of peas and avocados is?

Too Little Too Late: Whole Foods Apologies For Overcharging

Jul 3
Whole Foods Market is apologizing to its shoppers for incorrect pricing, a week after a New York investigation found that the natural food grocer routinely overcharged for prepackaged fruits, vegetables and deli meats.

What's That Funk? Truffle Dogs Sniff Out Pungent Fungus

By Terence Chea | Jun 29
The growing appetite for truffles is feeding demand for dogs trained to sniff out the pungent fungus prized by chefs and foodies.

McDonald's: The Evolution of the Happy Meal

By Candice Choi | Jun 26
McDonald's says fewer people are picking soda for Happy Meals after it stopped listing the drinks as an option on its menu boards.

High School Student Chefs Learn Lessons Beyond the Kitchen

Jun 26
Eighty New York City high school seniors found their passion in the kitchen instead of the classroom. After studying at Food and Finance High School, where 80 percent of students are considered "economically disadvantage," their future is heating up.

Whole Foods Accused of Overcharging

By Jim Fitzgerald | Jun 25
Whole Foods supermarkets have been routinely overcharging customers by overstating the weight of prepackaged meat, dairy and baked goods, New York City's consumer chief said Wednesday.

Supreme Court Says Raisins Rule

By Sam Hananel | Jun 23
The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the government can't force raisin farmers to give up part of their annual crop for less than it's worth, a victory for conservative groups that hailed the decision as a win for private property rights.

Restaurants Scramble During Egg Shortage

By Margery A. Beck | Jun 23
Those who like to indulge in a good omelet or quiche at the local cafe should prepare to pay a little more - if it's even on the menu.

Dog Meat Festival Held in China Amid Outcries

By Matthew Wexler | Jun 22
Restaurateurs in a southern Chinese town held an annual dog meat festival Monday despite international criticism of the event as cruel and unhygienic.

1 thru 10 of 2910 Stories