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Medical Marijuana Right for New York, Say ASOs

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
New York AIDS Service Organizations applauded Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposals to provide support for people living with HIV/AIDS, including access to medical marijuana.

Mile Marker 420 Becomes 419.99 to Thwart Thieves

Sunday Jan 12, 2014
Colorado officials think a difference of one-hundredth of a mile will be enough to stop thieves from stealing the mile marker 420 sign along Interstate 70.

Legal Recreational Pot Industry Opens in Colorado

By Kristen Wyatt | Wednesday Jan 1, 2014
The nation’s first recreational pot industry opened in Colorado on Wednesday, kicking off an experiment that will be followed closely around the world and one that activists hope will prove that legalization is a better alternative than the costly America

Santa Has The Munchies: Pa. Police Say Driver Hid Pot As Christmas Presents

Monday Dec 16, 2013
Pennsylvania State Police say they found 20 pounds of marijuana in boxes wrapped as Christmas presents inside a minivan after a traffic stop.

Pot Clinic Owner Now Mayor of California City

Sunday Dec 8, 2013
A medical marijuana dispensary owner has been named mayor of a small Northern California city in the heart of pot country. Sebastopol’s City Council selected 36-year-old Robert Jacob as mayor earlier this week.

Czechs in Quandry Over Legal Medical Marijuana

By Karel Janicek | Sunday Nov 17, 2013
The Czech Republic’s parliament legalized medical marijuana this year by an overwhelming majority, with the law becoming effective April 1. But some 20,000 patients who are estimated to be eligible for cannabis treatment have no chance to get it legally.

DC on Fast Track to Decriminalizing Pot Possession

By Ben Nuckols | Sunday Nov 3, 2013
The D.C. Council is poised to approve a bill that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot, and Democratic Mayor Vincent Gray announced last month that he supports it. He could sign the bill into law as early as January.

LA Cracking Down on Pot Dispenseries Under New Law

Monday Oct 14, 2013
Dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles have closed, and the city attorney says more will be shutting their doors soon, following a voter-approved crackdown.

Cocaine Makes You Vulnerable to HIV, But Marijuana Can Help In Treatment

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Oct 8, 2013
New studies show that cocaine increases users’ susceptibility to HIV, but cannabis could be useful as a therapeutic treatment for patients living with HIV.

Bynes Appears in NYC Court in Suspected Bong Toss

By Colleen Long | Tuesday Jul 9, 2013
Amanda Bynes wore a long aqua wig, false eyelashes and black sweatpants and a tank top for a brief court appearance Tuesday on allegations that she chucked a marijuana bong out the window of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment.