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New Orleans Goes Smoke-Free

By Cain Burdeau | Apr 22
Smoking in bars and casinos is coming to an end even in this notoriously freewheeling and fun-loving city where drinking on the street and watching a bawdy burlesque are the norm.

Cocktail Culture: New Orleans's New Classics

FOOD/DRINK | By Kelsy Chauvin | Feb 17
No matter your locale, budget or predilections, the Big Easy is undoubtedly one of the cocktail capitals of the world - and the French Quarter is its epicenter. Here's a taste of what's on the menus, from the old school to the new classics.

Discovering Romantic New Orleans

By EDGE | Feb 17
Did you miss Southern Decadence or are you still recovering? Even if you're not a partier of that caliber, New Orleans offers something for everyone - especially if you're looking for romance.

New Orleans Mayor Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Support for marriage equality in the deep South continued to grow last week when Mitch Landrieu, Democratic mayor of New Orleans publicly endorsed same-sex marriage.

Muses Parade Kicks Off Big Carnival Weekend

NATIONAL | By Stacey Plaisance | Feb 28
Calling themselves "Glambeaux," the women of Mardi Gras’ Krewe of Musesshook and shimmied their way down city streets, paving the way for a new take on a Carnival tradition more than a century old.

Go for the Food: New Orleans

FOOD/DRINK | By Stacey Plaisance | Feb 20
Visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras? You’ll find hot dog stands galore along the parade routes, but some of the city’s finest fare can also be consumed along St. Charles Avenue, the main drag for th glitziest star-studded processions of Carnival.

Artsy Digs in the Big Easy

HOME | By Matthew Wexler | Dec 2
The Sheraton New Orleans has unveiled its latest addition to the hotel’s George Rodrigue Gallery, which may inspire you to go on an art-inspired trip to The Big Easy.

New Orleans: The Insider’s Guide

By Kelsy Chauvin | Nov 13
Discover what’s old and new in The Big Easy. Whether it’s food, drink, music, or queer camaraderie you seek, New Orleans will seduce you.

8 Years After Katrina, Historic Theater Reopens in New Orleans

THEATRE | By Chevel Johnson | Sep 29
Eight years ago, Hurricane Katrina and massive flooding spurred by broken levees heavily damaged the historic Saenger Theatre. On Friday, the theatre reopened for business following a $52 million renovation.

NOLA Brewing Sued Over MechaHopzilla Beer

FOOD/DRINK | By Janet McConnaughey | Sep 10
The Japanese company that produced the classic series of "Godzilla" movies has sued a New Orleans brewery, claiming the MechaHopzilla beer brand infringes on its copyrights and trademarks.

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