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The Circle

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Besides publishing a trilingual magazine, Der Kreis also hosted themed ur-circuit parties in 1958 Zurich.


By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
A contemplative and lovely little film, "Boys" shows the fear of first love without all of the cliche trappings.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I and Volume II

By Louise Adams | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Lars von Trier aims his misogynist shaky-cam at a man's two-volume version of a woman's "self-diagnosed" sexuality.


By JC Alvarez | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Fear the future, even if it looks like Johnny Depp! In "Transcendence" -- available now on Blu-ray with startling bonus features -- a mad scientist takes over the world ...using the Internet! It can happen!


By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Ben Whishaw and Cheng Pei Pei butt heads and hearts, throw down, and find a way to talk to each other despite language gaps and cultural barriers in Hong Khaou's poignant film "Lilting."

Kidnapped for Christ

By Kevin Taft | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
A harrowing look at a "dumping ground for wealthy evangelicals who have problem teenagers" is made inspirational by the story of a seventeen year old boy brave enough to fight back.

The Way He Looks

By Scott Douglas | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
Even the bad guy can be forgiven in this one, as he helps the movie progress to a final understanding where even he comes to have a change of heart.

Ginger Snaps

By Ken Tasho | Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
The premiere Blu-ray presentation of the female werewolf film does not disappoint.

Wish I Was Here

By Kevin Taft | Monday Jul 21, 2014
Zach Braff's Kickstarter-fueled follow-up to his indie hit "Garden State" is a sweet film despite it's uncertainties.

Who's Afraid Of Vagina Wolf

By Kitty Drexel | Monday Jul 21, 2014
Anna Margarita Albelo co-writes (with Michael Urban) and directs this funny, frequently quirky and sometimes grotesque lesbian love story cum self-discovery adventure.