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Serious Cinema: Fall Films Roll Out

By David Lamble | Sunday Aug 31, 2014
For the serious film buff, Labor Day kicks off an intense season when American filmmakers, studio-based and indie alike, compete like drunken sailors for the eyes and ears of every North American filmgoer. Here are some picks for cinema lovers.

Ira Sachs on 'Love is Strange'

By David Lamble | Saturday Aug 30, 2014
An interview with "Love is Strange" director Ira Sachs explores his philosophy and methods as American queer film's most adroit chronicler of relationships.

Life of Crime

By Charlie Nash | Friday Aug 29, 2014
As far as film adaptations of Elmore Leonard novels go, "Life of Crime" is a slight effort that doesn't reach the quality of greatness achieved in "Jackie Brown" and "Out of Sight," but the strong writing and performances still make it a fun crime romp.

The One I Love

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Aug 29, 2014
Ethan and Sophie take a retreat to a comfortable, if strange, vacation house, hoping to find one another again. They succeed... but in a way that plunges them into deep weirdness.

The Congress

By Brian Shaer | Friday Aug 29, 2014
I hesitate to say this, but "The Congress" is probably best enjoyed while not entirely sober. This is a metaphysical acid trip of a movie that forces the viewer to think about his place in the world, not just presently, but in the future.

The Last of Robin Hood

By Kilian Melloy | Friday Aug 29, 2014
Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, and Dakota Fanning give this workman-like movie some spark and tenderness.

As Above, So Below

By Kevin Taft | Friday Aug 29, 2014
A nifty suspense thriller, "As Above So Below" is a white-knuckle ride through the Paris catacombs that feeds on the same fear you have when you walk through those Haunted House mazes on Halloween.

The Last Match

By Michael Cox | Friday Aug 29, 2014
"The Last Match" doesn't fit into a nice little package. Though it may be one of the sexiest films of the year, it is also a compelling social critique and an captivating examination of complex human relationships.

All That Jazz

By Jake Mulligan | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
It may borrow more than a cue from the comparably-autobiographical "8½", but this is a singular effort all the same.

Vengeance Is Mine

By Jake Mulligan | Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
It's tempting to refer to Shohei Imamura's movie as being one of the great Japanese films in the history of the form -- but even that feels like selling it short.