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Pink Lake Returns: The Ultimate Austrian Summer Party

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Jul 11, 2014
The international LGBT community will once again be flocking to Austria's gorgeous Lake Woerthersee August 28-31 for Pink Lake, a frolicking weekend of parties, hot guys and gals, drag queens and outdoor adventures.

Transgender Austrians Get New School Transcripts

Wednesday May 14, 2014
Austria’s education minister has instructed schools to re-issue grade transcripts to transgender persons who have requested that they be identified by another sex.

Tax on Austrian Bubbly Irks Vienna’s Upper Crust

By George Jahn | Sunday Feb 9, 2014
Just when it seemed that Austria survived Europe’s financial crisis unscathed, austerity has hit - in the form of a tax on sekt, the country’s version of champagne.

Pretty in Pink: Austria’s Gay Celebration at Lake Woerthersee

By EDGE | Monday Jul 15, 2013
Looking for an out-of-the ordinary gay extravaganza? Head to the Pink Lake Festival in Austria for a water-themed summer wonderland.

Austrian Christmas Butter Cookies

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
Vanillekipferl have always been a favorite Christmas cookie of Austrians.Here is one Austrian grandmother’s recipe, which is easy to make and really delicious. (They also make a great holiday present for friends and family. We’re just sayin’...)

Vienna’s Chocolate Spa

Friday Dec 14, 2012
You just returned to the Hotel Sacher from a day of strolling through Vienna’s beautiful historic city center and are not only intellectually satisfied, but most likely exhausted. 

Now it’s "Time to Chocolate."

Butler Service at the Hotel Imperial Vienna

Thursday Nov 29, 2012
Enjoy your own personal butler service at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna and experience being treated like an old-world aristocrat. The Imperial is one of the few hotels in the world, and the only hotel in Austria, offering such a service.

An Austrian Adventure: Travels through Burgenland

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Aug 22, 2012
Burgenland is not the Austria you have in mind. Maria von Trapp will not be traipsing over a mountain range. Nor will you find a gaggle of twentysomethings dressed in lederhosen while devouring Sachertorte.

Pink Lake to End Summer with Huge Splash

Saturday Jul 14, 2012
Come and end your summer with a huge splash at the fifth annual Pink Lake international LGBT Festival on Austria’s gorgeous Lake Woerthersee from August 23-26, 2012.

Aug. 23-26: Circuit Party Weekend at Austrian Lake Resort

By Steve Weinstein | Thursday Jul 12, 2012
Austria’s Pink Lake is a resort in one of Europe’s most beautiful rural areas. For the 5th year, it is hosting a full weekend of parties. This is a chance to experience a gorgeous bucolic retreat with lots of hot guys.