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Equality Maryland Issues Second Round of General Assembly Endorsements

By John Riley | Friday Jan 31, 2014
On Tuesday, Equality Maryland PAC, the political action committee for Maryland’s major LGBT-rights organization, released a second round of endorsements.

Baltimore: Good to Be Gay (and Legal to Get Hitched)

By Robert Israel | Monday Jun 10, 2013
The Charm City earns its nickname as Baltimore offers funky neighborhoods and a burgeoning LGBT scene anchored by Maryland’s same-sex marriage law that went into effect this year.

Same-sex couples marry in Md. as law goes into effect

Tuesday Jan 1, 2013
Same-sex couples in Maryland were greeted with cheers and noisemakers held over from New Year’s Eve parties, as gay marriage became legal in the first southern state on New Year’s Day.

Baltimore Welcomes Same-Sex Marriage with Dedicated LGBT Microsite

Thursday Nov 8, 2012
The ballots have been counted and the people have spoken - Maryland has upheld the legalization of same-sex marriage, and the city of Baltimore is ready to welcome happy couples for weddings, receptions and honeymoons.

We Win the Jackpot! Maryland, Maine, Iowa, Washington State, Minnesota

By Steve Weinstein | Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
Voters in Maryland approved same-sex marriage in a repudiation of certain religious figures, adding to Maine’s same-sex marriage vote. In Iowa, voters did not vote to turn out the state’s chief judge for his decision on same-sex marriage.

Find Divine Pride in Baltimore

By Robert Israel | Thursday May 24, 2012
Baltimore is a friendly and historic city now in the throes of celebrating a fun and raucous summer, with Pride scheduled for June 15-17.

Woes of State Gay-Marriage Groups Points to Lack of (or Too Much?) Direction

By Joe Siegel | Monday Jun 6, 2011
Turmoil in Maryland & Rhode Island has cast a spotlight on statewide pro-gay marriage groups. EDGE takes a look at the state of the states, including the expanded role of national gay-rights organizations on the local level.

Maryland state Senate passes marriage equality bill

By Michael K. Lavers | Thursday Feb 24, 2011
The Maryland State Senate voted 25-21 on Thursday, Feb. 24, in support of a bill that would allow gays and lesbians to marry.

Maryland activists applaud marriage equality bill

By Matthew E. Pilecki | Thursday Jan 27, 2011
Activists hope a marriage equality bill before Annapolis lawmakers will allow Marylanders to tie the knot in their own state, and not in the District of Columbia.

Maryland activists welcome decision to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages

By Matthew E. Pilecki | Wednesday Mar 3, 2010
Even though details of which benefits same-sex couples will receive in the wake of Attorney General Douglas Gansler’s decision the state should recognize marriages legally performed outside Maryland, activists continue to celebrate the opinion as a monumental victory for LGBT Marylanders.