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Irresistible Holiday Cocktails Beyond Bubbles

By EDGE | Monday Dec 16, 2013
Looking to diversify your cocktail repertoire? Most people turn to champagne for their end-of-year cheers, but why not shake it up, literally, with some refreshing holiday-inspired recipes that will ring in the new year with a bit more personality?

Libation Gift Guide 2013: Holiday Spirits

By Kelsy Chauvin | Thursday Dec 12, 2013
EDGE contributor Kelsy Chauvin scopes out the best booze of the season at the first annual Village Voice Holiday Spirits events, and unveils lick-smacking libations and clever cocktails for any time of year.

Breaking the Holiday Habit: A Guide to Staying Thin This Season

By Stephen Mosher | Monday Dec 2, 2013
I sure do love the holidays. Not because of Santa or decorations or presents - I love it because I get to spend time with my family eating and drinking, then I get to spend January trying to undo the damage done to my waistline and psyche.

New Year’s Cocktails in Honor of the Disco Queen

Thursday Dec 27, 2012
Music legend and disco icon Donna Summers, who will always be remembered for hits such as "Love to Love You Baby," "She Works Hard for the Money," and "On the Radio," was born on New Year’s Eve 1948.

Gingerbread Houses Gain Holiday Stature

By BETH J. HARPAZ | Tuesday Dec 25, 2012
Out of the kitchen and into the hotel lobby: Gingerbread houses have gone from being a homemade project done with mom to professional exhibits designed by pastry chefs and sometimes even architects.

Holiday Cocktails from the Nation’s First Tea Sommelier

Monday Dec 17, 2012
This year, Numi has teamed up with the nation’s first tea sommelier, James Labe, to offer a number of ingenious concoctions that will warm the body and entice the senses this holiday season.

A Cocktail to Celebrate the Luckiest Day of the Century

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012
This year, for the last time in the century, take time to celebrate the occurrence of the same month, same date, same year as one of the luckiest days of the year.

Mixing It Up for the Holidays: Festive Cocktails with an EDGE

By Herb Westphalen | Sunday Dec 9, 2012
The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate our community’s diversity. Whether your prefer vodka or rum, straight up or on the rocks; celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Diwali, Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice, we’ve got cocktails for all.

Christmas in London

Friday Dec 7, 2012
London is the UK’s leading destination at Christmas for gift shopping, enjoying festive entertainment, and admiring Christmas lights. Here is a selection of the best places to visit this December, without ever having to leave the capital.

Festive Holiday Events Across the States

By BETH J. HARPAZ | Thursday Dec 6, 2012
From elaborately decorated trees to drive-through lighting displays to boat parades and train shows, a variety of holiday spectacles are being staged through the end of December and into early January around the country.