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The British Wedding Invasion

By David Toussaint | Friday Mar 28, 2014
We all want to be queen for a day, and now that same-sex marriage has become legal, and sanctioned by her majesty (and Madge, no doubt), this is the perfect time for a UK wedding, honeymoon, or both.

A New York Romance

By Jill Gleeson | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
Throughout the Big Apple, hotels are welcoming with open arms gay couples anxious to enter into wedded bliss. Here are EDGE’s picks for the best romantic spots for nuptials, a reception or honeymoon getaway.

Calif. Caterer Kiboshes Same-Sex Wedding

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jan 13, 2014
A California caterer refused to work the wedding of a same-sex couple, telling them it went against her Christian beliefs.

Love Won’t Prevent HIV, ASOs Tell Rose Bowl Couple

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jan 7, 2014
Gays were offended to find that a same-sex wedding on a Rose Bowl float touted marriage as the best way to prevent for HIV.

Hundreds Support Gay Marriage in Vietnam

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Oct 28, 2013
Hundreds of supporters came out on Sunday to support gay marriage via a staged wedding in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Aussie PM Will Attend, But Not Support, Lesbian Sister’s Wedding

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Oct 24, 2013
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that he will attend his lesbian sister’s wedding, but that he doesn’t support the marriage.

Native American Men First to Legally Wed in Oklahoma

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Oct 22, 2013
Two Native American men found a way to circumvent state law in Oklahoma, by getting wed on tribal land where the laws preventing same-sex marriage don’t apply.

Pa. Pastor Says He was Fired for Same-Sex Wedding

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013
A pastor says his congregation has fired him for conducting the wedding of two men at a central Pennsylvania mayor’s home.

Costa Rica Court Says No To Gay Marriage Loophole

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Sep 23, 2013
After "accidentally" legalizing gay civil unions in July, the Costa Rican courts said ’no way, Jose’ to a same-sex couple looking to wed.

Cyber-Panhandling for Gay Marriage?

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Sep 20, 2013
A bi-national same-sex couple has been sharply criticized by media website Gawker after the men set up a gofundme page (similar to a Kickstarter) asking people to pay for of the men’s parent’s tickets to their wedding ceremony in South Africa next year.