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Ohio Amusement Park Sets Record for Applying Sunscreen

Monday Aug 11, 2014
A southwestern Ohio amusement park says it has set another record in efforts to help in the fight against cancer. Kings Island in Mason says 2,148 people participating Saturday broke the record for the most people applying sunscreen at the same time.

Lather Up: Choosing the Right Sunscreen for Your Age

By EDGE | Friday Jul 25, 2014
Everyone knows that we need to protect our skin from the sun to prevent getting wrinkles and avoid getting skin cancer. But did you know that the type of sunscreen you should use is different depending on your age?

Slowing Aging with Sunscreen

By Lauran Neergaard | Tuesday Jun 4, 2013
Research has found that even if you’re middle-aged, a light lather of sunscreen may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. So slather up!

What’s in Your Sunscreen?

By Matthew Perrone | Wednesday May 22, 2013
New sunscreen labels hit store shelves after a long-awaited change in federal requirements were put in place last December. But still be on the lookout for some misleading labels.

10 Winter-Friendly Face Products for Men

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Jan 9, 2013
Forget the chemical peel to achieve that smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom complexion and instead rely on our suggestions for ten of the best facial moisturizers and products to keep you looking young and fresh.

Dermatologists Urge People to Ban the Tan

Monday Jun 18, 2012
"Ultimately, seeking to change the color of your skin is self-defeating because exposure to ultraviolet radiation - either through tanning beds or by seeking the sun - can lead to wrinkles, prematurely aging skin and even a diagnosis of skin cancer."

New Sunscreen Rules

By MATTHEW PERRONE | Wednesday Jun 22, 2011
Help is on the way to consumers confused by the jumble of sun protection numbers, symbols and other claims on sunscreens. Starting next summer, consumers can start looking for SPF 15 bottles with the label "broad spectrum."

Indoor Tanning’s UV Radiation Declared a Known Carcinogen

Sunday May 1, 2011
Despite repeated warnings from dermatologists on the health dangers of tanning, a large percentage of Caucasians admitted using tanning beds or intentionally tanning outdoors in the past year.

Sunscreen changes expected, but not before summer

By Jennifer C. Kerr | Friday May 28, 2010
A clearer, more meaningful standard for sunscreen labels is coming soon to a lotion near you, but not in time for the summer beach season that kicks off this Memorial Day weekend.

Keep your face beaming - choosing the right sunscreen

By Samantha Critchell | Saturday May 23, 2009
Regular sunscreens can work on the face as well as the body. But there also are several face-specific products that anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin might want to consider to avoid undesirable side effects that might detract from the primary goal - keeping skin healthy.
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