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A Walking Tour Through Istanbul

By Sisi Tang | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Istanbul has much more to offer than grand mosques and bazaars. Away from the din of typical tourist haunts, a walk around the neighborhoods of Karakoy, Balat and Kuzguncuk will peel back the surface to reveal the city’s multilayered history.

Bodrum: The Brigadoon of Turkey

Saturday Dec 29, 2012
Flying into Bodrum, Turkey is a bit like finding Brigadoon: misty blue islands rising out of the silvery gray sea.

Bodrum’s Eternal Blue

By Mark Thompson | Friday Dec 28, 2012
While some people consider Bodrum to be "the Hamptons of Turkey," for me, flying into Bodrum was a bit like finding Brigadoon. From the window of the plane, I watched as a series of misty blue islands rose almost chimerically out of the silvery gray sea.

Istanbul’s Magical Mystery Tour: The Photos

Saturday Dec 15, 2012
With a population of more than 13 million, the city of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest, is almost twice as populated as New York, with an area nearly seven times as large as all five New York City boroughs.

Istanbul’s Magical Mystery Tour

By Mark Thompson | Saturday Dec 15, 2012
As the economic and cultural heart of Turkey, Istanbul is the world’s tenth most popular destination. A center of arts and fashion, culture and history, with a median age of 23, Istanbul is also a university town with more than 150,000 students.

Heaven on a Hilltop: Cappadocia, Turkey

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
Located in the ancient region of Central Anatolia, Cappadocia is a topographical wonderland with a spectacular, lunar-like landscape marked by 6th-century monasteries and churches, cave dwellings, and stone mansions, all connected by tunnels.

Balloons Over Cappadocia: The Photos

Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Turkey, is one of the top three hot air ballooning destinations in the world.

Istanbul’s Pera Palace Hotel Wins Prestigious Hotel Award

Monday Feb 6, 2012
The inaugural International Hotel Awards 2011 in association with Bloomberg Television have now been judged and Pera Palace Hotel is announced amongst the winning companies.

Istanbul’s Pera Palace Welcomes the Holidays

Monday Nov 28, 2011
Enjoy the festive season with the special New Year activities in Pera Palace Hotel-Istanbul throughout December.

Istanbul Revealed at Daybreak in Assouline Title

Tuesday Sep 27, 2011
Photographer Jean-Michel Berts focuses his camera to the mysterious and ancient city of Istanbul in the latest edition of Assouline’s "Light of" Series. "The Light of Istanbul" is a magnificent homage to the city that captures its aura of enchantment.