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Christie to Republicans: Don't Give Up Marriage Fight

By EDGE | Monday Jul 14, 2014
While speaking to reporters Saturday at the National Governors Association convention in Nashville, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said while the issue of same-sex marriage is "settled" in his home state, opponents shouldn't give up the fight elsewhere.

Rick Perry: ’I Stepped Right In It’ Regarding Oops Moment Linking Gays to Alcoholics

By EDGE | Friday Jun 20, 2014
After a week of occupying numerous headlines and debates over a statement made likening homosexuality to alcoholism, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) appears to be backing away from the hot button social issue and diverting attention to the economy.

Christie Joins GOP Courtship of Evangelicals

By Steve Peoples | Friday Jun 20, 2014
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is joining the parade of ambitious Republicans courting religious conservatives as the early jockeying for the next presidential contest intensifies.

Christie Disagrees With Perry’s Gay Statements

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Jun 13, 2014
Rifts continue to form in the Republican Party today when N.J. Gov. Chris Christie publicly disagreed with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent statement linking homosexuality to alcoholism.

Christie Says He Can Beat Clinton

Friday Jun 13, 2014
Gov. Chris Christie appears confident in his presidential prospects despite the ongoing bridge scandal that has tarnished his national reputation.

NJ Court Rules ’Ex-Gay’ Therapy Practitioners Potentially Liable for Costs to Undo Their Damage

By EDGE | Tuesday Jun 10, 2014
According to a New Jersey Superior Court ruling, an organization performing gay conversion therapy may be liable to pay for legitimate therapy to undo psychological damage done to their former clients.

Gov. Christie on Defense as NJ Hosts Super Bowl

By Angela Delli Santi and Geoff Mulvihill | Tuesday Jan 28, 2014
A look at how how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie caught up in the first scandal of his administration, got to where he is today as New Jersey finds itself in the spotlight as host of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Fallon, Springsteen Parody Christie’s Traffic Jams

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
Gov. Chris Christie’s favorite rock star had something to say about the bridge scandal that’s cost a couple Christie loyalists their jobs.

Christie Faces Political Fallout Over Traffic Jam

By Angela Delli Santi and Steve Peoples | Thursday Jan 9, 2014
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has scheduled a news conference for Thursday, one day after emails and text messages revealed his administration may have closed highway lanes to exact political retribution.

Christie Leaves NJ to Support Anti-Gay Okla. Governor

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Dec 5, 2013
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is leaving his state on Thursday in order to attend a fundraiser for anti-gay Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin - a decision that is not sitting well with Democrats and LGBT activists.