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5 Breakfast Beauty Treatments

By EDGE | Friday Sep 19, 2014
Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but did you know that many ingredients from our favorite morning dishes are great for your skin and hair?

7 Tips for Protecting Your Skin While You Sleep

By EDGE | Wednesday Sep 3, 2014
What can we do at night to make sure our face looks as glowing in the morning? EDGE offers readers seven tips for protecting your skin while you sleep.

FDA Warns of Allergic Reactions with Acne Products

By Matthew Perrone | Monday Jun 30, 2014
Federal health officials are warning consumers who use popular anti-acne treatments about rare but potentially deadly allergic reactions that can cause swelling of the face and difficulty breathing.

Don’t Get Burned: Tips for Protecting Your Skin

By EDGE | Wednesday May 14, 2014
Who doesn’t love to frolic in the sun? But that doesn’t mean you should risk skin cancer by not taking precautionary measures. Follow these tips from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Origins Recalls Face Cream After Some Mold is Found

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013
Origins is voluntarily recalling one of its face creams after finding mold in it. The beauty products company said Monday that it found mold in several products from one batch of its Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream.

Skin Cancer 101

By Bridget Anderson. N.M.D. | Wednesday Oct 23, 2013
It’s time to bare all and discuss our skin. When was the last time you really took a close look at yours and examined all of its beauty marks, spots, moles and dimples? If it’s been more than a month it’s been too long.

Eating Your Way to a Natural Tan

By EDGE | Wednesday Jul 17, 2013
Trying to achieve a healthy summer glow but worried about those harmful rays? A few modifications to your diet may be just the answer.

Slowing Aging with Sunscreen

By Lauran Neergaard | Tuesday Jun 4, 2013
Research has found that even if you’re middle-aged, a light lather of sunscreen may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. So slather up!

Skincare 911

By EDGE | Thursday Apr 18, 2013
Emergency! Is that unsightly blemish ruining your day? Not to fear. EDGE enlisted the expert advice of Dr. Rebecca Baxt for tips and tricks to survive any situation.

Smooth or Scruff: Expert Tips for the Perfect Complexion

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Mar 27, 2013
Whether you’re smooth or scruffy, EDGE offers exclusive advice from Dr. Allan Peterkin on how to save face.