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Lima Climate Talks Set for Record Carbon Footprint

By Frank Bajak | Wednesday Dec 10, 2014
The current U.N. climate talks will be the first to neutralize all the greenhouse gas pollution they generate, offset by host country Peru's protection of forest at three different reserves, organizers say.

Fuel Exports Soar Under Obama

By Dina Cappiello | Tuesday Dec 9, 2014
Pollution linked to global warming keep rising even though the world's two largest carbon polluters have pledged to combat climate change, with the U.S. committing to deeper cuts and China saying its emissions will stop growing by 2030.

House Votes in Favor of Keystone Oil Pipeline

By Dina Cappiello | Saturday Nov 15, 2014
Congress inched closer to a possible showdown with President Barack Obama over the Keystone XL oil pipeline as the Republican-controlled House approved the project.

Element to Open First Hotel in Europe

Thursday Dec 13, 2012
Scheduled to open in 2014, Element Frankfurt Airport marks the much-anticipated European debut of the trailblazing eco-wise brand.

A Green Sanctuary at Element Times Square

By Mark Thompson | Thursday Oct 11, 2012
A recent in-town getaway to the new 411-room Element Times Square, which opened in 2010, confirmed that Element by Westin is not only "green" but also a refuge for restoring your balance while recharging your creative battery.

15 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone in the Fall

Thursday Sep 6, 2012
It is not just the sudden-onset yellow transforming the towering aspens that provides the signal that fall has arrived in Yellowstone Country. Other signs are the fat bears and noisy bull elk.

"Ecodesign: Ecofriendly Objects for Everyday Use"

By Mark Thompson | Saturday Aug 18, 2012
Published by h.f. ullmann, the richly-illustrated "Ecodesign" by Silvia Barbero and Brunella Cozzo introduces readers to a dazzling array of contemporary objects that are as stylish as they are sustainable.

Tomato Tips for Summer Gardening

Thursday Jul 12, 2012
It’s important to understand common tomato terms, often seen on tomato plant tags and the basics of growing tomatoes. The more you know, the better you’ll grow.

"I Pledge to Pedal" Sweepstakes Offers 10 Strada Bicycles

Tuesday Jul 10, 2012
Promoting balanced living at home and away, is challenging its Facebook friends to put pedal to the pavement this summer and replace one car trip per week with a bike ride.

"Do Good Feel Good" Tips for Going Green in the Home

Friday Jun 29, 2012
Simple adjustments to everyday life make a huge impact on our society. A new "Do Good Feel Good" page showcases user tips for a "greener" way of life in the office, kitchen, garden, and more.

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