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Getting Go: The Go Doc Project

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
This is the story of how shy "Doc" gets to know a sexy, confident go-go dancer, "Go." It's a sweet and inventive story of a summer fling.

Looking After Joey

By Christopher Verleger | Thursday Jul 24, 2014
A lonely New York accountant's world turns upside down when his favorite albeit fictitious porn star shows up on his doorstep in David Pratt's howlingly funny, heartfelt novel.

1 Last Chance At Paradise

By Kilian Melloy | Sunday Jul 6, 2014
This end-of-the-world / gay romance movie has some problems with slackness, amateur camerawork, and overly long scenes, but it offers a slowly-building resonance that leaves you musing.

Romance Week: The Touch, the Feel of Palm Springs

By Kelsy Chauvin | Monday Mar 10, 2014
Few cities can boast the refreshing comfort of sunny California like Palm Springs. With built-in romance thanks to its swaying palm trees, blue skies and warm breezes, the appeal becomes only more enticing knowing that the city is LGBT-friendly.

Lesbian Romance Novel is "Exception to the Rule"

By Daniel M. Kimmel | Friday Dec 20, 2013
A new lesbian romance novel takes a look at love, rather than erotica, with author Cindy Rizzo at the helm. Longtime friend Dan Kimmel interviews the author.

Elements of Engagement - Miami Style

By EDGE | Thursday Feb 14, 2013
Looking for the ultimate getaway to celebrate your love? Head to Miami for sun, sky, sea and earth - all wrapped up in a whirlwind weekend that will take your breath away.

The Best of the Gays: Sex and Romance

By Matthew S. Bajko | Tuesday Apr 17, 2012
The winners for sex and romance are crowned in Bay Area Reporter’s second annual Best of the Gays readers poll.

Reports: Fashion Maven Divorcing Hubby, Involved With Another Woman

By Kilian Melloy | Thursday Oct 27, 2011
Fashion maven and J. Crew President Jenna Lyons is divorcing her husband of nine years--and, reports say, she’s found new romance with another woman.

30 Dates. 30 Days. 30 Cities

By Norm Kent | Friday Nov 19, 2010
The personal odyssey of Kevin Richberg: "I did find something special... I found 33 amazing individuals who were willing to take a chance on love and life. A shout out to all of them," says Kevin Richberg.

Teen Sex Same-Sex Encounters Often Called "Straight"

By KAREN MATTHEWS | Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
Nearly one-tenth of sexually active New York City high school students say they have had at least one same-sex partner, and teens who say they’ve had sexual contact with both sexes report higher-than-average rates of dating violence and forced sex.