A Gay Takeover at Mount Snow

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by Dan Meyer

Hitting the Slopes

During the day, people went snowboarding, skiing or snow tubing. On the mountain, Mount Snow is stellar in its snow making abilities. While many east coast resorts coat their trails with ice, these trails were pure packed powder. Another standout is the Bluebird Express, a base-to-summit chair lift with a bubble that protects riders from the elements and has comfortable padded seats.

Unfortunately, there were a number of trails without snowmaking that should have been closed and this got me into some trouble. If you can see the grass, you cannot pass. That should be a motto somewhere.

Given my 20 years of skiing experience, I figured any trail that was open should be one I could attack. Enter me sliding down Ripcord, Mount Snow’s only double-black diamond trail. With a 37-degree pitch, it’s nearly impossible to see the bottom before you reach the top of the headwall.

What should have been a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping experience turned into a slow and torturous ride down, ending with me splattered on my face - one ski on and one ski off. The reason? Ice and a lack of snow. That trail should not have been open, and sure enough it was closed Sunday.

While the mountain was full of adventure, Snow Lake Lodge itself needs a major overhaul. The beds were uncomfortable; the showers had no pressure; and the free Saturday breakfast included surly staff members that seemed irritated even by the request for water.

TWC did deliver on its promise that Snow Lake Lodge had an indoor hot tub, although it wasn’t as much hot as lukewarm. According to several friends, I apparently missed out on the scalding water from the hot tub outside.

"This place must have looked so cool and modern, like in the 50s," said a new friend. We had a good laugh and it reminded me that one of the greatest things about ski trips in the amassing of new friends. I met countless interesting people, all of whom were having a great time culminating with a Saturday night hotel room party. "It was an epic night," I overheard the man behind me say on the way home. Indeed, it was an epic weekend.

The snow stayed fresh and white but after a night of heavy partying, the group started to melt. Messages on GroupMe inviting people to après quickly changed to silence Sunday afternoon, and messages such as "so long Beyoncé bus, hello struggle bus" buzzed my phone Monday morning.

All in all, the trip was well worth the few wipeouts along the way. "One of the things that I love about these trips is that they’re gender inclusive. It’s hard to build a space for both gays and lesbians, but the ’takeover’ is an activity that everyone can get behind," said Heller.

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Dan Meyer is a young professional whose stories have appeared in publications such as The Advocate online and UCLA’s LGBT magazine entitled "OutWrite." He is also a part-time ESL teacher in Boston.


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