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People got a different look at star-on-the-brink Derek Jameson when he performed at Ultra Suede’s Cherry Pop party in West Hollywood on March 24th. It was at a venue where he’s performed many times, but the Jameson the audience saw was one they were not accustomed to seeing.

It had an aerialist, a live drummer, dancers, and even costumed flight attendants giving the safety demonstration that you will need when enjoying the new dance and dub-step feel of Jameson’s new EP A History of Heroes. Jameson describes it as "...a step up and a show product."

It was definitely a move in a different direction from the balladeer we heard on his debut album "The Invention of Love." "A History of Heroes"’ songs are still full of message material we have grown to love about Derek’s songwriting, songs of empowerment and self discovery set to a club beat.

The ethos the song evokes is something of a testament to Jameson, who is as much as a philanthropist and activist as he is a recording artist. I visited with Jameson to find out what sets his new EP apart from his previous music, what drove him to the dub-step sound, and what recent changes he has made to further his career.


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