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Making a 21st Century Splash!

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Sep 5, 2012

In the always trending world of nightlife culture, what’s in today is passé tomorrow. The longevity of a now-popular bar or club is measured by its elasticity - it’s ability to bend and snap back regardless of the push and pull of the often too easily distracted clubland crowd. In New York City no other club space has been more adept at reinvention than Splash. The legendary Chelsea club and favorite happy hour haunt has always been on the cutting edge of the dance floor culture and always providing its patrons with something of the unexpected.

With our fair metropolis in the midst of a 21st Century renaissance, even this legendary mainstay is looking to freshen things up. With the success of 42nd Street’s urban reconstruction and the insertion of the XL Nightclub, it would suggest that clubland is no longer shying away from drawing folks back to the dance circuit scene that once dominated our weekends.

For a time as the "big room" culture began its decline and the gay crowd turned to the Internet for its immediate gratification, Splash was the only game in town. Whether you remember it as Splash Bar, or when it briefly went by the initials SBNY, every promoter was clamoring for a spot on the seven nights a week schedule that was drawing in big name DJs and giving celebrities like Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue a connectivity to introduce their latest albums to their adoring target audience.

Million Dollar Reboot

EDGE was recently invited to check out the heavy-duty (and rumored million-dollar) redesign that is moving Splash light-speed ahead of its neighboring competitors. Upon entering the main area, instantly you’re struck by the always well-built Spartan assortment of bartenders that have been a main attraction of the club’s 20-year history, but even they couldn’t distract from the newly polished bar that will greet guests preparing for an afternoon two-for-one or a quick shot before hitting the rest of the space.

Greeted by Greg Jones, Splash’s manager and keeper-of-the-keys, he introduced us to the bar’s newest attraction and most spacious front bar area yet. With a new white lacquered smooth surface that orbits the glowing top-tier assortment of liquors, this redesigned and very deluxe service area is a beauty to behold. Surrounded by new flat screen video monitors that won’t distract from the chiseled men behind the counter, the surface radiates a futuristic glow reflecting the glitter of the dance floor area.

"We’ve always wanted to make more space up top, and we’ve done that with the new bars," Jones insists. The polished walls behind the main bar also give the room a much-appreciated depth. "We wanted to just freshen things up," which is a tradition that has always kept up the interest in the Chelsea hot spot.


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