Lesbians at Helm of Woven, LGBT Financial Resource Site

by Winnie McCroy
EDGE Editor
Wednesday Dec 11, 2013
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Woven provides financial resources for LGBT families
Woven provides financial resources for LGBT families  (Source:livewoven.com)

The new Oklahoma-based company, Woven, with many lesbians in top leadership positions, is the first to provide comprehensive legal and financial resources to the LGBT community. Woven president Kristin Davis recognizes the many complex legal issues LGBT couples continue to face since the Supreme Court decision on DOMA.

"Woven is so greatly needed by same-sex couples, especially now that issues have become even more confusing within a constantly changing political landscape," Davis said. "Our website provides easy access to the resources people need to attain a secure future, both legally and financially."
The Oklahoma City-based company provides so many resources to the community, it is no coincidence that Woven founder and chief executive officer Melinda Olbert chose October 11th as the company’s launch date.

"With October 11th being National Coming Out Day, it seemed fitting for us to ’come out’ with a unique, ground-breaking resource for the LGBT community," Olbert said. "The day carries great significance in promoting a safe world for LGBT individuals. Here at Woven, we’re dedicated to providing easy access to the services people need to have a secure future."

The web-based company’s mission is to provide legal and financial education to the LGBT community through timely and compelling website content, while providing a network of providers who are dedicated to the community’s complex needs. The professionals in the network are comprised of attorneys, financial advisors, tax and insurance professionals who have demonstrated competence and passion in working with the unique legal and financial issues faced by LGBT couples and families.

Olbert, an Oklahoma City-based financial advisor, recognized a need for a national online resource that would empower members of the LGBT community to set up necessary financial and legal tools. She recruited Kristin Davis to step in as president of the new company due to her previous startup and management experience. Davis is committed to developing Woven to become a trusted source of educational information regarding legal and financial resources concerning the LGBT community throughout the nation.

"I feel it’s essential to ensure that all Americans have access to even the most basic legal rights that many take for granted," said Davis. "Same-sex couples have complex needs, and it doesn’t help that the legal landscape is changing at breakneck speed. Woven makes it easy to find highly dedicated experts who understand the issues."

Melinda Olbert is at the helm of Woven  (Source:LinkedIn)

New to the Woven team is Massachusetts attorney Lisa Ruggieri, who has devoted her career to ensuring her clients’ rights are protected. Woven gives her a platform to more easily and effectively reach the LGBT community in her geographic areas of practice, including the cities of Wellesley, Weston, Newton, Wayland, Cambridge, Brookline, Natick, Sherborn, Needham, Norfolk, Ashland, Framingham, and Worcester, Mass.

Davis is currently reaching out to attorneys, financial advisors, tax and insurance professionals to join Ruggieri and the other providers in the Woven network. Davis is committed to developing Woven to become a trusted source of legal and financial providers who are dedicated to the concerns of same-sex couples.

"Woven is setting the standard for legal and financial professionals who serve the LGBT community, said Davis. "It’s essential for all Americans to have access to even the most basic legal rights that many take for granted. Equally important is access to trusted and highly dedicated experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this ever-changing arena."
Woven’s national provider directory is growing every day. Attorneys, financial advisors, CPA’s and insurance professionals who work with the LGBT community and want to be part of the Woven network can apply online.

For additional information, please visit at www.livewoven.com, email kdavis@livewoven.com or call 405-887-2323.

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